Class Allowed Activities

You always have the option to do your homework/classwork/reading.  Also you can do freehand drawing/art/comics, and stories.

Main Plan/Activity:
Use the Minetest Game Engine to survive a realistic simulation of life before technology and build your own cultures and societies and interact with others. You must manage hunger and water and create objects from raw materials. You may code and submit in your own blocks, items, and creatures through Lua. Also you can submit your own Textures, Skins, Models, and Music. Also you have the option to freely create on the Creative Server.

CodeCombat Clan

Creature Pack Download

Alternative Allowed Webpages:

News/Information: Sports Illustrated for kids Virtual Museum

Games: (learning to code through block segments) (a great chess playing site and they can play against each other without logging in) (typing games) (Typing lessons and games) (choose your own adventure game. I’d like to find more choose your own adventure kid friendly stories/games and have them create their own)

Music: (online piano) (Music Creation – Do not login, use audacity to record)

Science: (NASA kids club)


Reading: Harry Potter information


Software: You MUST let me install it if it isn’t install already
Paint,, Gimp (gnu image manipulation program) – 2D Art
Blender (3D Modeling Software that most models in minetest are made with. It is a professional grade program)
Pivot (2D Animation)
Microsoft Word – (For writing stories)
Audacity – For recording music

Make A Game with MAGE
Make A Game with a cute little all powerful MAGE!
MAGE is proudly developed by Platinum Arts and would not be possible without the incredible Minetest Developers and Mod Makers. MAGE is inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft, and Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker