Future Plans For Make A Game Free

Soon I plan to release a software project called MAGE aka Make A Game Experience which aims to make it as easy as possible for everyone, both adults and kids to learn the different facets of creating a game such as Coding, Game Design, Gameplay Design, 3D Modeling, 2D Art such as textures and skins, Sounds, and Music. MAGE is based off the Minetest Engine which is inspired by Minecraft and Infiniminer and will feature gametypes such as a HouseAndCityBuilder mode mainly for creative, a Survival mode that focuses on trying to create a real life build a civilization from nothing experience, and time permitting a destruction mode featuring lots of lava, tornadoes and other fun ways for people to unleash their inner mother nature. There will be a version that is strictly for educational and school settings and another version that will provide the ability to have monsters and other less kid friendly inclusions. I will detail out what will be included in each versions so parents can make the decision on what they want their kids to have access to. Regardless I don’t plan to add blood, or gore to either version so even the version with combat would be no more graphic than what is seen in Minecraft.

I will also be updating the resources page with lots more great free software to use making your game! I am also planning on adding some MAGE / Minetest tutorials to help students and new users create their own blocks, items, features and mods. Please check back soon!

screenshot_20160130_200823 screenshot_20160130_205431

Make A Game!

On this page you will learn about the process of how to make a game!!
Make A Game with MAGE
Make A Game with a cute little all powerful MAGE!
MAGE is proudly developed by Platinum Arts and would not be possible without the incredible Minetest Developers and Mod Makers. MAGE is inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft, and Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker