Getting A Job Making Video Games

If you’ve ever thought about getting a job making video games, there are a lot of resources that are worth looking at. First you can check out job postings on craigslist and also Gamasutra has a whole job listing section. Also of course you can check out the webpages of various game companies and apply to their job listings directly.

A formal education is helpful but often times what developers want is to see what you can do. Having some work that you’ve already done whether it be a mod, prototype, animation reel, portfolio, etc can be a huge help. My personal experience working on mods opened up huge doors for me. The most important thing is to actually create something. A lot of people try to create these crazy ambitious projects that fall under the weight of their own features. The key though is to make something small but fun and then if you want expand on it. Start with a foundation and build up.

Here is a nice video to give you some insight!

About The Video:
Tips from professionals on getting a job in the games industry, with advice for aspiring artists, testers, animators, designers, writers, programmers and students.
We asked Valve’s Chet Faliszek, Total War’s lead artist Kevin McDowell and Deus Ex: Human Revolution for pointers, and heard from university recruiters at the GamesIndustry Fair at Eurogamer Expo 2012.

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