Make A Game Resumes

The Make A Game Series Resumes!

I’m so excited to announce that I will be posting much more frequently the how to make a game page AND I will be new game making software based on the awesome engine Minetest. The point of the software project will be to make it easier to learn all the different facets of how to make a game, such as coding, game design, level design, modeling, animation, 2D Art, sounds and music. A release should be within the next month or two and also we are working on a trailer. There are two main additions planned. The first one will be school friendly with no violence. I’m hoping that I can add in animals and make it so that there is no violence possible. The second version will feature animals and monsters and Minecraft-like action. Stay tuned and here is a sneak peak of some of the cool stuff I’ve already added in:

Early shots of my software project to make a game!

Rock Golem Chillin

Early shots of my software project to make a game!

Rock Golem Walking

If people are interested I’m thinking about recording the steps and trials and tribulations of making this new game software. I will be created a mailing list soon too so lots of updates on the way! Thanks and take care!

Make A Game!

On this page you will learn about the process of how to make a game!!
Make A Game with MAGE
Make A Game with a cute little all powerful MAGE!
MAGE is proudly developed by Platinum Arts and would not be possible without the incredible Minetest Developers and Mod Makers. MAGE is inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft, and Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker