Make A Game

Make a game!  And not only make a game, but do it for free!  If you want to make your own game this page will provide you all sorts of resources so you can make it happen!

There are so many free resources out there to use to make a game so in this post I’m going to help you get started on the basics. 

1. First you need a good free game engine to use to make a game.  I recommend Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker.  Not only is it free, but it is open source.  Also you can edit your games and worlds in game and even cooperatively with your friends!  It has everything you need to make a game and allows you complete freedom when doing so!  There are also several different game modes available such as FPS, RPG and sidescroller so you can really create a variety of games right out of the box.  And since you have complete access to the source code you can literally add or change ANYTHING you want!

2. 3D Models and animations are often used when making a game.  Some great software is Blender which actually used to be commercial software until the company went out of business and they released the source code.

3. 2D Art is widely used for textures and other graphical art.  The Gimp is an excellent free 2D graphic editor.

4. Sound is very important in games and Audacity is a great sound editor that is also free.

5.  There are a lot of great free music sites but you do have to keep track of the licenses because some cannot be used commercially.  I personally like Jamendo because it has a ton of music and you can search by license.

So here are a lot of resources you can use to make a game and I will be updating this and also soon be posting on how you make a game from start to finish, beginning with the game design concept document and making it into a full game!

Make A Game!

On this page you will learn about the process of how to make a game!!
Make A Game with MAGE
Make A Game with a cute little all powerful MAGE!
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