Make A Game – Post Mortem For DwarfCorp

This week at Make A Game we are going to look at another Post Mortem, this time for DwarfCorp!  Here is their Kickstarter Page

DwarfCorp is a RTS game about ruthless capitalism in a fantasy world. You’ve been hired as Regional Manager for Greybeard and Sons Company to explore and exploit new territories. As Regional Manager, you’ll need to prospect the best location, and send a scouting party of dwarves in a balloon. From there, it’s up to you to make sure your dwarves survive long enough to mine precious gold and mana rock. Use your profits to hire new employees and buy equipment! Only the most ruthless capitalist will prosper!

They were able to raise 45k for their 20k goal, that’s over double what they were asking for!  It’s always very good and interesting to take a look at successful Kickstarters and see what they did right.  One very interesting thing they did was had the early bird rewards where the first 375 received the game at a discounted price.  Also the organization is very clean and there is pretty graphical art included.  Presentation is everything with a Kickstarter including making a good video or two it looks like in their case.  I’m sure it also helped that their game looked like Minecraft but along with that they showed straight away the Gameplay.  For any successful Kickstarter and even Steam Greenlight project it is important to make sure you show off gameplay because people want to know what they are going to get.


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