Make A Game Design Document

Make a game design document for your game!  In the make a game how-to we cover the steps and the game design document is one of the biggest.  Here is some great information by Tim Ryan (used with permission).  Here is the full article. [Read more…]

Make A Game

Make a game!  And not only make a game, but do it for free!  If you want to make your own game this page will provide you all sorts of resources so you can make it happen!

There are so many free resources out there to use to make a game so in this post I’m going to help you get started on the basics.  [Read more…]

Make A Game with MAGE
Make A Game with a cute little all powerful MAGE!
MAGE is proudly developed by Platinum Arts and would not be possible without the incredible Minetest Developers and Mod Makers. MAGE is inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft, and Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker